The gin

This captivating but exceptionally subtle gin is crafted from 14 Italian botanicals, including fragrant sage and zesty lime.

It’s made with pure spring water from the Italian Alps, allowing the botanicals to shine and harmonize in perfect balance.

Try it and let yourself be carried away to an Italian summer bar. Where the golden sun caresses the ancient cobblestones and a gentle breeze carries the sweet scent of citrus blossoms.


The story

The idea of Erbe Gin was born in Tuscany, where founder Gerbe started a delicious journey. Trying to encapsulate the rolling hills, the picturesque cities and the culinary tradition in a bottle.

Bringing the vibrant flavors and scents home, to the bar of his parents’ restaurant. As a savory gesture for their guests.
And for everyone who wants to taste the essence of Italy in a sip of Erbe Gin.

"Un omaggio ai mili cari"

A taste of Italy
in a bottle

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