The story

Although still young, I have had a great passion for drinks and hospitality for a long time. Now, I find myself working alongside my parents at our restaurant, embracing the roles of manager and bartender. What truly brings me joy is surprising our guests with unique and delightful drinks.

Combining my love for Italy and mixology, I created a gin called ‘Erbe’. By blending my name, Gerbe, with the Italian word for herbs. This gin captures the very essence the country I adore. With a careful selection of Italian botanicals, each sip becomes an homage to the picturesque landscapes, remarkable wines, and culinary treasures that make Italy so extraordinary.

My goal? Making people feel special and happy through the drinks I create and crafting an unforgettable experience that celebrates the flavors of Italy. Join me on a journey of taste and
joy with every pour.

“This gin is my tribute to all the incredible treasures Italy has to offer”


A taste of Italy
in a bottle

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