Erbe Gin x Gusto Madre: Erbe Gin Panettone

Italian brand Erbe Gin has partnered with Gusto Madre bakery on a limited edition panettone for the festive season.

The Italian bakery has created a panettone infused with Erbe Gin, white chocolate and dried lime as part of a festive collaboration with the gin brand.

The sweet bread is said to offer a ‘symphony of tastes that capture the essence of the holiday season’.

“Erbe Gin has always stood for craftsmanship and excellence, and partnering with Gusto Madre allows us to extend that commitment into the culinary realm,” said Gerbe Suttels, founder of Erbe Gin.

“This limited edition panettone is a unique expression of Italian flavours, creating a memorable experience for our customers during the festive season.”

The limited edition Erbe Gin Panettone is available to buy from select retailers and through Erbe Gin’s online store. It is priced at €38 (US$41.50).