Erbe Gin: a tribute to Italy

Italian brand Erbe Gin, which launched on 1 June, is made as a tribute to Italy and all the incredible treasures the country has to offer.

The gin is made out of 14 secret Italian ingredients, which are all handcrafted.

The main ingredients are lime from Sicily, sage from Piedmont and pure spring water from the Italian Alps.

Founder and CEO Gerbe Suttels said: “It took more than two years to gather all the right ingredients and refine the recipe. I can now say that we created a ‘masterpiece’ by blending 14 Italian botanicals that create a harmonious fusion of flavours. The subtle taste really transports you to the heart of Italy.

“It begins with hand-picking the finest ingredients, ensuring each ingredient harmonises perfectly with the gin’s soul. Then, at the heart of a small distillery, in the skilled hands of a father and his daughter, a beautiful process takes place.

“In a copper still, the gin transforms. Maturing with patience and refinement. No added flavours, colours or sugar interfere with the natural aromas. Pure ingredients become liquid magic. Inviting all who taste on a journey to Italy.”

Erbe Gin captivates not only the palate but also the eyes. The stunning custom-made bottle, inspired by delicate Mediterranean colours, is a real eye-catcher.

The harmonious blend of sage and lime in the gin, mirrors the bottle’s beautiful design, creating a remarkable sensory experience.

Every bottle is numbered by hand, making them truly one of a kind.